DM: you, the frayed traveler returns to the mainland after 40y abroad accompanied by the two beasts of myth and legend. your elven eyes pierce through the brooding darkness with ease only to perceive nothing but the void of a desolated world grown unfamiliar to you.

the ferryman who had insisted on being paid in medicine rather than coins, shouts to you to head on up to the southeast village of VARNAVARG by the main road as lights shine no more from the harbor of VATTNADOCK a few miles up east from where you're now standing. he also tells you that word of the forest overruling the town of JAKT to the west is as good as his word to transport you here, to the HULLWASTE SHORE, safely.

the ferry slowly turns around in the unsteady autumn waters as you, the traveler, leaves the brittle dock behind and with your companions disappear into the vast unknown.

where do you go?

Arash:  My stomach grumbles and I realize I hunger.  I will make my way to Varnavarg because it will most likely be the easiest way to find a meal.  Do I have enough coin, though?  I click my tongue at the beasts and make sure they follow as I turn towards the main road.

DM: your coinpurse have a good weight to it (around 100 gold pcs, 50 silver pcs and some copper pcs) - a better weight than to be expected after a long and tedious journey across the moody sea.

as you make your way uphill on the frostbitten mud road you notice residental houses emerging from the very top of the hill. by the looks of things, this here is a small fishing village consumed in the thick of dark.

what do you do?